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Anti-blemish matte skin

Targeted treatment to help achieve a perfectly flawless look without blemishes and imperfections. The actives of (Viola Asteraceae) Arctic Rose Phyto-StemCell Infusion™ target red spots for healthier looking skin. The oil-free, ultra-smooth texture does not clog pores.

Size:  1 oz / 30 ml


  • Minimises the appearance of blemishes and imperfection (90% confirmation by tested women)
  • Improves skin uniform look when used everyday. 90% confirmation by tested women)
  • Provides skin rebalancing power to a distressed skin  (75% agrees)
  • Leaves skin soothed and soft in texture (100% of tested women confirmed)
  • Delivers calming and refreshing change to the skin. (100% of tested women confirmed)

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