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The Inspiration
Need_U by Marie Duchene. A few simple words are used to describe an extreme and strong need. Why use words when you can use a scent? This perfume expresses the need for the skin to express itself, to tell its story, its intentions. Just the skin. When this encounter happens, Need_U releases its seductive power.

The Fragrance
A unisex citrus and floral scent. In the opening, the citrus note of Lemon and the rosy note of Pink Pepper dance with Hedione HC, creating a pure jasmine scent, while White Flowers and Sea Sprays lay down on a base rich of White Musk and fascinating molecules like Ambroxan.

The Accords
Top notes of Italian Lemon and Pink Pepper
Mid notes of White Flowers, Jasmine (Hedione HC) and Sea Sprays
Base notes of Ambroxan, Sandalwood and White Musk


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